what god tried to do

by Rory B.

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    a personal endeavor for a brother still just as close to me as he's always been. PLEASE play loud enough to wake the dead.



by me for him. from our influences. folk to funk to keith to volta and back. touting the values of the noises & screaming as much as the melody.
this is for the memory of places far too connected to us & no others. i bought a strat. he bought a strat. he bought an amp. i bought the same one. he bought a sampler. i bought a sampler. he bought a boss drum machine. obviously so did i.
he was a one man band. i tried to be too.
his ears were the intended audience of this when i first stumbled upon it in my room with him 2 or more years ago. they are still the intended audience of the product, albeit they may be harder to reach.
i love everything that will make sense to nobody but me now. and i love that because of the years of life & music we discovered together that i can make this and feel confident that if anything bridges the gap between me & billy k, it's this.
professor you forever are my family & best friend.
if ghosts are real i beg you haunt my home.
i miss you beyond explanation.


to be honest and true i'll be honored to prove that the bonds will never loosen in my times without you, despite what god tried to do...


released November 11, 2010
music & lyrics: rory b.
performed by: rory b.
recorded by: rory b.
mixed by: rory b.
graciously mastered by: jeremy perman
song is about: me & billy k.
song is for: billy k.



all rights reserved


Rory B. New York, New York

a dervish of declension & a conjurer of conjugation, with a million hit points and maximum charisma

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