.​.​.​just feeling the edges

by Rory B.

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    being repetitive for my own sake. 1st multi-track acoustic recording made in 2002 after being fired from what would have made for a nice easy comfortable lower-middle-class living and instead descending into basement recording, which has lasted through any new professions come & gone since.



closer to the truth than my heroic high school quote, but still not as adventurous as it may be interpreted. testing my boundaries before knowing how far they reached, or how distant it would be before i was truly tested.


not jumping from this flat planet, i'm just feeling the edges.


released June 15, 2002
music & lyrics: rory b.
performed by: rory b.
recorded by: rory b.



all rights reserved


Rory B. New York, New York

a dervish of declension & a conjurer of conjugation, with a million hit points and maximum charisma

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